Highlight Multi Function Lighting System


Highlight Highlight Highlight


Highlight Mk5 provides shadow-free illumination for new or existing shop signs, billboards, hoardings, wall wash etc.

This very efficient light, often preferred by planning authorities, costs a fraction to operate when compared with back-lit illuminated signs. It is also very easy to transport and install, and unlike spot lights has no unsightly face wiring or awkward concealed rear wiring to carry out.

Available to match the exact length you require, made in in interlocking sections (if over 3500mm long), each section is secured by our unique joining system which not only secures the joints, but prevents light spillage and water ingress achieving IP65 when installed to our specification.

Delivery can be as quick as 24 hours (at a premium), with normal delivery time being 3 working days for standard factory colours, or 5-7 working days for in-house standard RAL colours.


Highlight Highlight Highlight


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